Friday, March 29, 2013

My Kitchen My World is MOVING!!

We want to keep the exploration of new cuisines going but we are changing our address.

Please click on over and see what is going on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A table of Goodies for the Smörgåsbord

January in My Kitchen My World had us enjoying any food from any country of our choosing. While we didn't get many entries what we did get looked tasty. First up:

Kayte fixed Dilled Asparagus This recipe is just in time for Asparagus season and looks delicious.

Also on the table -

Aebelskivers. These are a mix between a pancake and a popover and can be sweet or savory.

Okay, it is a small table of goodies but tasty none the less.

Next month we are visiting Portugal.

Why don't you join us? Just fix a dish from Portugal, post it before February 28, 2013, leave a comment. Easy Peasy!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting the New Year with a Smörgåsbord.

Happy New Year to one and all. 

My Kitchen My World is back for another year and more countries to explore. Since it is the first month of the year we thought we would try something new.
According to Wikipedia: "A traditional Swedish smörgåsbord consists of both hot and cold dishes. Bread, butter, and cheese are always part of the smörgåsbord. It is customary to begin with the cold fish dishes which are generally various forms of herring, salmon, and eel. After eating the first portion, people usually continue with the second course (other cold dishes), and round off with hot dishes. Dessert may or may not be included in a smörgåsbord."
With that being said this month you may choose any dish you want from any country you want so we can have a Smörgåsbord.

You can post anytime during the month of January and leave a comment below (until we get Mr. Linky up and running again. A roundup will be up the first week in February.

And Portugal is up for February. A warm country for these cold days.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Destination -- Australia

Our October destination is the Land Down Under! Please make and blog about an Australian recipe and come back here to leave a link to your post!  Everyone is welcome to cook along and learn about Australian cuisine :) You have all of October to post your Australian dish, the round-up will be posted early November.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Regional Italy Round-up

Welcome to the regional Italy round-up!  We have three lovely dishes to share, I hope they leave you inspired!

First up we have an absolutely gorgeous Caprese Salad from Corina at Searching for Spice. Caprese Salad comes from the region of Campania.  The beautiful colors in this dish are that of the Italian flag.


Margaret at Tea and Scones temps us with a hearty bowl of Gnocchi Bolognese from the region of Emilia Romagna. She has inspired me to buy a gnocchi board with her informative post. 


Over at Nummy Kitchen I made a pasta dish with bucatini and eggplant, Bucatini con Melanzane Spappolate from the region of Calabria in the southern tip of Italy.


Thanks for sharing your dishes, Corina and Margaret!  

Time to head The Land Down Under for October, our destination is Australia!  I will put up a destination Australia post soon with a link area to leave a link to your post, in the mean time, head to the library (or google, or if you're lucky -- your own bookshelf) and find something to make from Australia. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Destination -- Regional Italy

We are back from summer break and ready for some Italian cuisine!  Our September destination is Italy, specifically regional Italy.  You can pick any region you'd like and make a dish or meal from that region. Leave a link to your regional Italian recipe right here.  You have all of September to make and blog about your recipe.  If you are feeling ambitious and would like to try a couple different regions (I know I do!), please feel free, just be sure to include which region you are cooking from in your blog post.

Please leave a link to your blog post below, the linky will be open all of September, and don't forget to mention My Kitchen My World in your blog post :) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ethiopia Round-up -- Finally!

Sorry it has taken me all summer, but I'm finally getting the Ehtiopia round-up post, please enjoy these lovely dishes...

First up we have Ethiopian Split Pea and Kabocha Squash Stew with Collards from Janet at the taste space, what a great start!

Next we have a bowl brimming with delicious Ethiopian Spiced Pumpkin Soup from Under the Blue Gum tree, looks so warm and inviting! 


These next three Ethiopian dishes are also from Janet at the taste space -- I guess we know who loves some Ethiopian cuisine, right? :)  The above dish is Ethiopian Split Pea Puree / Kik Alicha, what a nice color!

Here we have Fasoulia - Ethiopian Carrits and Green Beans Simmered in Tomato Sauce, where Janet lets us  know that you don't need all that oil for some Ethiopian veggie dishes, good information!

Finishing up our Ethiopian submissions is Ethiopian Warm Cabbage and Green Beans, thanks for all of your entries, Janet, they look delicious!


Lastly, a Bengali dish to share, also from Janet at the taste space. My apologies for not getting a link page up for Bangladesh this summer.  Thank goodness Janet didn't let that stop her from making a delicious Bengali Quinoa Bowl with Spinach and Almonds - Badaam vaali Palak.


Now, on to September when our destination will be Italy focusing on regional Italian cuisine, so pick a region and have some fun cooking up a dish or meal!  Will get a link page up soon, stay tuned and read up on regional Italian :)