Friday, July 1, 2011

Indonesia Round-up

Welcome to our Indonesia round-up, featuring a delightful array of Indonesian dishes to tempt your taste buds...

Our first entry is a beautiful Indonesian-style Purslane Salad from Graziana at Erbe in Cucina, a version of the popular Gado-gado that looks delicious, what a great start!


Janet at the taste space shares a big bowl of her delicious Spicy Indonesian Yam and Peanut Soup that she also shared with an international themed dinner party, how fun!


Our friend at This Chihuahua Wears Pearls (formerly The Not So Skinny Kitchen) has two Indonesian dishes to share! First up, a light and refreshing Indonesian Cucumber Salad called Acar Ketimum, looks like the perfect cure for over abundant cucumber gardens!

Next up she shares a recipe for Nasi Goreng -- Indonesian Fried Rice, that somehow turned out to be pretty bland, good thing it was served with some Chicken Satay, mmm!


Corina at Searching for Spice shares with us a slow cooker version of Beef Rendang that turned out to be a winner of a recipe, a new favorite curry and slow cooker recipe for Corina! The spices sound just lovely.


Above, a delicious dish of Curry Coconut Tofu, shared by CJW at Unchained Kitchen. Using a favorite tofu recipe as a jumping off point for her Indonesian inspired dish proved to be a success, yum!


Finally over at Nummy Kitchen I made some Mie Goreng, a spicy fried Indonesian noodle dish, and also a delicious Indonesian cucumber lime drink, just perfect for these hot summer days we are having here lately.


What a fun bunch of dishes from Indonesia, maybe some will make their way on to your summer menus at home? Thank you so much to everyone who participated, it was wonderful to see the recipes you came up with!

Our July destination will be Great Britain, thank you to Margaret for that suggestion! So pack your bags and pick up your cook books and find a British recipe or two for our July destination, I'm very excited to see what everyone comes up with! I will have a "July destination" post up shortly for you to leave a link on.

Have a great weekend,