Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Korea Round-Up and November Destination...

Welcome to our Korea Round-up! I think October must have quickly snuck past everyone (I know it did me!) since we only have three entries, but, no worries -- they look plenty delicious for our taste of Korea :)

First up we have a beautiful fresh dish, "Raw Mushroom "Bul Go Go" Lettuce Wrap," courtesy of Janet at the taste space.


Next up is a more traditional "Steak Bulgogi" from Corina at Searching for Spice, looks delicious!  Glad you finally got to try cooking a Korean dish :)


Last but certainly not least is Peggy at Pantry Revisited with her first try at "Korean Roast Chicken," so glad you liked it and will make it again! 


That concludes our round-up of Korean dishes!  Janet at the taste space has suggested Tunisia as our November destination so get ready to do some googling and find a Tunisian dish to try.  Sounds like a fun challenge.  I was thinking it might be nice to have the next few months of destinations picked in advance and posted in the side bar, so if anyone has any suggestions please post them in a comment and we can add the to the itinerary!  I was thinking Belgium so I will toss that one in for December, let's all try to come up with some fun destinations for 2012!

My Kitchen My World is always open to new participants, all you have to do it cook and blog about a recipe from our country of the month (November = Tunisia) and leave a url link to your blog post in the comments section on this post and I will add it to the round-up at the start of the next month.   

Take care,