Monday, September 15, 2008

Week Thirteen...Lithuania

Oh Lord.

So I let Andrea of Nummy Kitchen choose this week. Lithuania? Didn't she read about how TIRED I am??

Okay, enough whining. It's all about learning, right? Experiencing something new. Google on, people! Lithuania is gonna be a dooooozie.

Oh, and welcome our newest live one - Lauren of I'll Eat You. Enjoy your first week!! hee hee.


Andrea said...

Aww, sorry, I forgot you were extra tired/busy lately! I just had to pick Lithuania, it's where most of my family is from. :) Maybe you can find something new that you will love!

Elra said...

My husband's grand father were originally from Lithuania, unfortunately the whole family was gone in the holocaust, except his grand father who manage to escape from the nazi and went to South Africa.
So, I am very excited about his challenge. Thank you so much Andrea.

Judy said...

Sounds intriguing, but I'll have to be late this time. I'll make something when I return from vacation.

Indonesia-Eats said...

hmmm Never try Lithuania dish before. Very interesting!

Stephanie said...

I'm not on the blogroll yet, but I made a Lithuanian dish and posted it on my blog. I didn't really read the rules until afterward, so it's not an actual meal, just a dessert. But it was fun!