Friday, October 17, 2008

Her Kitchen, Her World Now...

Hello Traveling Chefs!
As all of you know, I have been slacking in the MKMW hosting as of late. Truth is, I rarely get out of Baking GALS mode anymore- and as for cooking anything at all, much less from our country of the week - well, that just isn't happening.

I love this group. It was my first baby. But BabyMama's handing over the reigns for a bit. Luckily, Lauren of I'll Eat You has offered to step up and get the MKMW back on track. I still hope to cook along with everyone as I can, which I hope will be often, but getting the group taken care of is my higher priority...and over at Baking GALS with it's 700 members, they need a full time mother. I am it.

So please welcome your new fearless MKMW leader. She thinks I am on speed, but sadly, I am not. So until I am, listen to your new Mama!
Thanks Lauren!

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