Monday, December 15, 2008

Week 26- The Philippines!

Off to the Philippines this week!

Here's what wikipedia can tell us about their cuisine:

"Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malay roots to a cuisine of predominantly Spanish base, due to the many Mexican and Spanish dishes brought to the islands during the colonial period. It has also received influence from Arab, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and American cooking."

sounds good to me! 

Happy Travels,


P.S.  Look for a special itinerary next week to get us through the holiday season.  I don't think it's practical for us to "travel" over the next weeks considering how busy I'm sure we all will be.  


Elra said...

Philippines it is!

Sounds good to take a break from traveling just for a while.
Happy holidays everyone!

Michelle Dargen said...

Hi lauren!

I feel like such a bad traveller! This is just a crazy time of year for me. I have so many orders to get out that I haven't had time to participate. I hope this doesn't mean I will get kicked out of the gang. I love this blog and still want to play in the new year.

I hope this is okay. I would sure miss you all!