Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week Twentyone . . . Puerto Rico!!

We're going to Puerto Rico I know technically its a US territory, but I decided it deserves its own country.  I've never been there, but my stepmother is from there and she makes bangin' food.  (hi priscilla!)

Also, please welcome our 5 new members! Barefootster of Cooking Etcetera, Fitri from Mommy Nisa , Christine from Kits Chow and Carly from Live Laugh Grow 

We also have a non-blogging member, Monique

I've monitored the blogroll a bit, removing people who have not participated in quite some time.  If you want to re-join,  just let me know!

Let's get cooking!  Happy travels!



HoneyB said...

I like how you fixed up the blogroll - I like seeing the title of the latest post!

I'm on my way to search for a recipe from Puerto Rico. Maybe, just maybe I can get to making it before next Saturday!!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Lauren! The new blog roll looks great, it was getting hard to try to find out which blogs were still participating.

I don't know much about Puerto Rican food but I have a feeling we will love it :) Off to search for a recipe...

Welcome to our new members!

Dhita said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for adding us to the blogroll. Looking forward to the participate :D

Elra said...

This is really really great, that you started to have the blog roll. I love it!
I am agree with Andrea, that it was challenging to find out who still participating in our great MKMW member. Thank you so much for taking care of us. I am sure that Susie is very proud of you!

Puerto Rico, sounds like a great challenge! And...
Welcome to new members, I am sure that you are going to have fun traveling the world with us!

Judy said...

Nice choice. I have traveled all over the island, so now I just need to remember what I ate.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, good grief...I can't believe you even left me on the blog roll! I'm filled with GOOD intentions. I even had my soda bread recipe out and everything!

Puerto Rico sounds awesome. I took a trip there when I was a kid. All I remember is that plantain was a part of EVERY meal...either mashed, or fried in chips.

Michelle Dargen said...

I love the new blog roll! Very cool!

Welcome new travelers! This blog just rocks!!

Susie Homemaker said...

Wow, look at all the new members! I hope all of them will enjoy it as much as I have!
Great job, Lauren, on getting the blog into fanstastic shape!!

Natashya said...

So happy that you updated!
This makes life so much easier.
Welcome new members, grab your passports!