Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guatemala Posting Day -- Check-in Here!

Good morning My Kitchen My World travelers!

Today is posting day for Guatemala. I hope everyone had a lot of fun in the kitchen making a Guatemalan recipe, and can't wait to see what delicious dishes you all came up with. Please post a comment here and let me know if you were able to participate. I look forward to doing the round-up in a few days.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Happy travels,



Natashya said...

Hey! I am first for a change!
I made Maggie Glezer's Guatemalan Challah from A Blessing of Bread.

Have a great day!

joannabug said...

Unfortunately, I had to finish my dissertation instead of doing MYMW this week. :-) But I'll definitely join in next time!

Colleen said...

It was a rough week, so no Guatemala for me, but I already have plans for Turkey!

KC said...

I want to travel to Guatamala with MKMY but won't be able to post till tomorrow or Monday.

Lauren said...

my flank steak and guatemalan beans are up!

@Colleen- no worries, I'm pretty excited for Turkey myself
@KC can't wait to see what you made!

Hat and Fappy! said...

I had no money to get any groceries until today and there was nothing in my pantry workable so I guess I am sitting ot of this one. I have my turkish recipe picked out though!

Kits Chow said...

Hi Andrea:

Here is my post:

Salpicon, Shredded Beef Salad

Happy Easter.