Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mexico Posting Day

Today is posting day for My Kitchen My World -- destination Mexico! If you were able to participate, please leave a comment here with a link to your MKMW Mexico post. I can't wait to see what delicious Mexican dishes you all came up with :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


Stephanie said...

I made Pollo Aguascalientes, Sopa Ranchera, and Leche Quemada. Yum!!!

Colleen said...

I was off visiting friends all week and while I didn't make any Mexican, I sure did eat alot of it. Unfortunately, nothing to post this week.

Andrea said...

Stephanie, everything sounds great, can't wait to check out your dishes :)

Colleen, sounds like you had a very fun week, don't worry about not posting.

I will not be able to post my Mexican meal until Monday, hope you guys can understand!

joannabug said...

Eep! I made the meal, and went out of town this weekend. I'll have it up Monday AM--glad to see I'm not the only one.

Andrea said...

No problem, Joanna! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your cuties :)

KC said...

Hi Andrea:

I'm making Tortilla Soup but won't be able to post till Monday.

Happy Mother's Day.

Natashya said...

Hi, I am up!
I made a black bean soup and mango margaritas.

Judy said...

Just posted my entry, Chicken with Rice and Black Beans.

Rosabela said...

Hi everyone,
Sorry that I haven't made anything yet. Been busy looking for a new place to live and we spent most of the week cleaning out the fridge. We finally went grocery shopping yesterday and I got the ingredients that I need to make homemade Tortillas and an easy pepper filling. Will post shortly after I make it (by Monday hopefully).

I wish everyone a happy mother's day!!

Rosabela said...

Hi everyone,
I finally got my post up. Sorry for the delay.