Friday, May 15, 2009

Mexico Round-up

Time for our Mexico round-up! What a wonderful variety of Mexican dishes to share...

Stephanie at Fun Foods On a Budget found her old Mexican cookbook and made a few days worth of dishes out of this challenge, including Pollo Aguascalientes, Sopa Ranchera, and Leche Quemada con Frutas for dessert, doesn't that sound delicious? We're glad to have you back, Stephanie :)

Joanna at In Search of Lost Time made a yummy looking Use-it-up Enchilada Casserole which included corn tortillas, rice, beans, corn, and a few other Mexican style ingredients. Sounds like a delicious way to 'use-it-up' to me!

Natashya at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies made an amazing Black Bean Soup for Two, topped with cilantro, tomatoes, and a slice of lime, and if you think it can't get any better than that, she also served some Mango Margaritas, party at Natashya's house :)

Judy at this made Red Chile Chicken and Rice with Black Beans (Arroz Rojo con Pollo y Frijoles Negros) from a new Mexican cookbook she is 'auditioning' and is now on her 'to buy' list, thanks to this delicious dish. Being a Native New Mexican, Judy always has Mexican style food near the top of her favorites list, so it's nice to know that this recipe passed her taste test!

Over in Germany, Rosa from Cooking with Rosie gave us a tutorial on making flour tortillas, complete with lots of tips and great step-by-step photos, looks like Rosa has the tortilla recipe and technique down "flat" :)

Over at Nummy Kitchen I made a big dish of baked bean and cheese burritos, one of our favorite Mexican style recipes with a few new twists, I made homemade enchilada sauce, and used Chihuahua Mexican cheese, yum!

I think Christine at Kits Chow made a Tortilla Soup, but I don't see it up on her website yet. Christine, if you get your soup posted, let me know and I will add it to the round-up :)

Thank you to everyone for participating in My Kitchen My World -- Mexico! Imagine if we had a MKMW pot-luck and had all of this yummy Mexican food to share, wouldn't that be fun?

Our next country, Pakistan, might be a little tricky, so get your 'cooking caps' on and find something new to try -- or if you have an old favorite Pakistani recipe, share that! Posting day for Pakistan is Saturday, May 23rd. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

If you are new to this site, and thinking of cooking along with us as we travel the world, just jump right in and make a dish for My Kitchen My World -- Pakistan, and check in on the 23rd :)

Happy travels,


Natashya said...

Lovely! A great variety of Mexican flavours. Can't wait for Pakistan!

TeaLady said...

All of these sound delicious. I want to join.

Actually I have tried to email twice with no luck. Please let me in.

Andrea said...

TeaLady, I tried to e-mail you but it didn't go through, we would love to have you join us with My Kitchen My World, just jump right in! We are posting for Pakistan this week so if you want to make a Pakistani dish, please post about it and check-in in the above post. June countries will be announced June 1st :)